Specialized Grips


Made of rubber, these grips have a solid, firm feel. They are round with a slightly raised chevron pattern. The grip tapers from palm to inner end, smoothly ending at the brake lever. The outer end is flared so you can blindly find the grip end while keeping your eye's on your path. They have a thick rubber outer end, so a fall won't rip the grip end as easily. Black only, they weigh 112 grams per pair, and are 5.2 inches long. There is a lighter weight version, with thinner sidewalls called the AutoPilot Comp, which weigh just 70 grams, though they are the same in every other respect. The AutoPilot Comp grips are made in either Black or Grey. They are made in Taiwan, (because of the business relationship between Marui Ltd and Specialized), by what is believed to be the same factory that makes the Tioga grips. $ Price in Catalog


The Biotomic grips are "Bio" shaped, so the palm (upper) side of the grip is considerably thicker to absorb shock, while the underside, (which receives little shock) is made extra thin. The oval shape, and thickness at the top, back, and front help to pick up road shocks for the palm. The front of the grip is elliptical in shape so it fits the contour of the hand wrapped around the grip. The finger area on the underside is made thinner so you can feel how the bike and road are working beneath you. The grip tapers to smoothly join with the brake levers at it's inner end. The outer end of the grip is extra thick, to help prevent ripping in a fall, so you need to replace your grips less often. Made only in Black, Biotomics weigh 94 grams per pair, and are 5.0 inches in length. Made in Taiwan. $ Price in Catalog

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