Scott Bar Tape


This is a thick, cushiony, foam-rubber tape. It has that "extra" padding so your hands don't numb. The bottom edges are tapered, so they don't pry up easily. It uses a dense foam rubber base with a smooth, rubber, upper and lower surface. There is no adhesive on the back of the ribbon. Each wind of the ribbon is held in place by the tackiness of the rubber surface, so it can washed and re- wrapped. The Ribbon comes with two rolls that are 1" wide by 88" long. Also included are four 3 1/2 inch tape pieces to fit to hold the finished inner end down, and two Rodon, Black, hard plastic bar end plugs. Also included are two 2 3/8" long aluminum half- round tubing sections to be placed on your bar prior to wrapping it, making a custom ergonomic drop bar. Black, Blue, Grey, or White, 249 grams complete. $ Price in Catalog


Scott Basic Wrap is vinyl foam tape that is considerably less expensive. The two pieces of tape are each an 1 1/8" wide and 75 inches long. The tape is 2mm thick in center 3/4", with tapered edges, and provides modest cushion. There is no adhesive on the tape back, relying on successive winds to hold the previous down. Because its has no adhesive, it can be removed, washed and used to re-wrap your handlebar. Included are two 3 1/8 inch tape pieces to fit around and close off your brake levers and two pieces of 7" plastic adhesive tape to hold the finished inner end down. These 7" long pieces have both the Scott and the Off The Front logo, revealing that OTF actually makes the tape and finishing tapes for Scott USA to market. To hold the outer ends in the handlebar two Rodon, Black, hard plastic bar end plugs (see handle bar extension overview) are included. The weight of the rolls of tape are 102 grams, (.68 g/inch), the finishing caps and tape weigh 11 grams. Basic Wrap is available in Black or White. $ Price in Catalog

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