Ritchey Grips


The True Grip is made for Ritchey, in Taiwan by Co-Union, of a Kraton-type rubber compound that is rather sticky and becomes more so, as palm oil builds up on it. When you put your hand on them you feel this adhesion but when you take you hand off and rub your fingers together they are clean and dry (no residue). True Grips are made in a six sided shape which is the same shape as the interior of your hand when clenched around a handle bar. The inner end tapers to a round snug fit, while the palm area is flat. At the outer end the hex shape flares giving a wider flange-like finish. True Grips have a closed outer end with extra thick Kraton to help prevent ripping in a fall. Quite simply the grip, with an extraordinary feel. Made in Blue, Black, Clear, Red, and White. They have a durometer hardness of A/41, and weigh 123 grams per pair. $ Price in Catalog


This is a variation of the True Grip. Made of the same rubber material, in the same hex shape, based on a clenched hand, these grips have small ribs along the length of each of the hex sides. Though the grips come with closed ends there is an added pair of Black plastic press-in bar end plugs. True Lite grips are slightly shorter, just 4.4" long which also assists in their weight reduction. They have an A/36 durometric hardness. Made in Taiwan, by Co-Union, they are available in Black or Clear and weigh 78 1/2 grams in Black and 66 1/2 grams in Clear. The plugs weigh 4.5 grams. $ Price in Catalog


True Grips II are "Bio" styled grips, with thick ridges on the surface for giving an easy to hold, textured grip. Made of dense rubber compound, the palm (upper) side of the grip is considerably thicker, because of an up raised ridge to absorb shock. There are six of these ridges that originate at the outer grip end, then twist as they move through the palm area, ultimately turning into smooth roundness at the inner end of the grip. The grips are marked "left" and "right" to ease installation, and come with a pair of Black, hard plastic, snap-in plugs to cover your handlebar end when an accident ultimately rips the grip end off. Black only, the grips weigh 98 grams a pair, the end plugs weigh 3 grams. True II's are 5.0 inches long, and have a durometer hardness of A/39. Made in Taiwan, by Co-Union for Ritchey. $ Price in Catalog


The Ritchey WCS grip is made of closed cell foam rubber in a hexagonal shape, very much like the Grab-On MTN 2 grips. In fact, in a conversation with someone at Neotech in Walla Walla, Wash., it was revealed that at least some early prototypes were made by them for Ritchey. The Hex shape, as mentioned in the MTN 2 grips description, approximates the shape of the interior clenched hand. In an unusual move, the WCS grip cardboard packaging mentions that it was printed in Taiwan, yet claims the grips are made in USA. According to Ritchey, they import the cardboard packaging and have someone in Redwood City, California install the grips onto the hanging cardboard packaging. This is the only instance we know of, where a manufactured good has been found to be cheaper to make and sell using pre-printed and separately imported packaging. The WCS grips come with press-in plastic bar end plugs which look remarkably like the ones Specialized imports with their Taiwan made Dirt Rodz II Bar Ends, so we are prepared to believe that the end plugs are indeed made in Taiwan with the packaging. The WCS grips are 5.2 inches long, made in Black only, have a durometer hardness of A/22 and a pair weight of just 57 grams of which 4.5 grams is the plugs. They are a bit pricey. $ Price in Catalog

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