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Blackwalls are a very stout and sturdy grip. With a wall thickness of 2/10" there is just more of the grip around the bar. Blackwalls have an overall length of 4 1/2" with a trough 1/8" from the end to wire on the grip or use as a mark to cut the end off for bar end use. The grip surface is made of the Pedros and Blackwalls logos rising 2mm from the grip bed. The rubber is less soft, more stiff and more abrasion resistant than most other grips we've written about. Our writing in the tire section about rubber will tell you that they must have a greater carbon content. Pedros has tried to take a "green" step forward by introducing Blackwalls as having been made of 65% recycled rubber, and exactly they say that it's composed of 15% old tires, 35% virgin rubber and 50% "used eye- dropper plungers". They may really mean eye-dropper "bulbs", the part you compress between your fingers to draw the liquid into the dropper. A conversation with Bruce Fina at Pedros revealed that their source for pelletized rubber (grip rubber is heated in large batches and extruded into strands that are cut to form pellets, which are shipped to the injection mold site where the pellets are re-heated to re-melt them and the molten rubber is injected into the grip "insert") has found a way to include 15% of what is referred to as "crumb" rubber derived from the tread stock of auto tires, and to recover the eyedropper bulbs from a medical waste/recycling concern which are then re-melted to make the strand for pellets. Mr. Fina mentioned that the use and composition of the recycled rubber for their pellets has been certified by the Green Cross, an organization formed to enhance the amount of recovered for re-use waste products. Black only, Blackwalls have a durometer hardness A/56 and a pair weight of 83 1/2 grams. $ Price in Catalog


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