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The sucessor to the California Tape is the Neo-Pro Tape. It is made of two layers that are bonded together. The upper layer is 1mm thick bonded to a 3mm foam neoprene pad backing. The upper layer appears to be made of very fine celled foam vinyl. The smooth side of this vinyl tape faces inward toward the second layer leaving the fine celled foam side exposed for graphic printing. The exposed foam provides a good surface for the printing adhesion. Rubber cement appears to be the adhesive that bonds the neoprene to the vinyl. The Neo-Pro Tape is not adhesive backed allowing it to be removed washed, and re-applied repeatedly. The tape is 1 1/8" wide, the centermost 4/10" is full thickness. From 2/10ths off center to the tape edge is tapered in thickness to the 1mm thickness of the vinyl at the edge. Each of the two rolls of tape is 78" (1980mm) long. There are two neon colored, gradient inner end finished tapes included, and a 3" sample specimen of the tape to tug on to judge it's elasticity before wrapping your bars. The total weight of both roles of tape is 104 1/2 grams, the finishing tapes add 1 gram. Made in USA. Some of the Neo-Pro graphic patterns are the same, others are new.

A) "Road Kill", has caricatures of frogs, snakes and opossums as though hit by a car, with buzzards showing interest, on a White background.


B) "Death Grip", has White skeletal parts on Black.


C) "Gear & Roses" has chainwheels in Silver & White, intermixed with Siolver stemed Red Roses with bicycle chains having White outlines. over the chainwhells are printed in Red the words "the GRIND" or "OTF" all on Black tape.


D) "Gears and Roses" on a White background.


E) "Lips" has Red lipstick impressions and the words "Off the Front" and the OTF logo in Black printed on a Whiter vinyl tape laminated to Black neoprene.


F) "Guitars & Glasses" has Copper Brown colored guitars and the OTF logo with White sunglasses and the words "Off the Front" in turqoise with a White outline printed on a Black vinyl background.


G) "Mad Dog" has a rabid dog's caricature in Black with a Red spike collar, also the words "Get Hammered" and "52 x 12" in Red and "MAD DOG" in Black printed on a White vinyl tape.


H) "Blood, Sweat, & Gears" has Blue with White outline drops (Sweat), sometimes filled with Red (Blood) and White chainwheels with the letters "OTF" in blue outline printed on a Black vinyl tape.


I) "Mohave", has a splintered, cracked pattern in a chevron styled design, in White on Black (I) , Blue on Black (J), Green on Black (K), or Yellow on Black (L).

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