Onza Grips

There are limited quantities of Onza grips. Onza filed bankruptcy in 1996 and the brand name has been bought by the company that distributes GT bicycles... known as Riteway. Whjat will become of the OnZa brand name now is un-certain.


Onza Porcipaws are an extremely thin walled grip with the Onza logo and a porcupine caricature raised from a 3mm thick grip sleeve. The raised area brings the grip thickness to 4.3mm. At the inner end is a groove for wire of zip tie application. There is also a wire groove at the outer end of the grip. The outer end is closed off with extra thickness to help prevent ripping in a fall. Onza also includes a pair of light weight polycarbonate plastic end plugs, knowing some of their users will ultimately "trash" the end of the grip. The grip has on the inside a raised ring at both ends, which acts as an O-ring seal to keep water and dirt from migrating under the grip and loosening it. A pair of zip ties come to fit the wire groove with each pair so the grips really come complete. Onza Porcipaws weigh 66 grams per pair, the end plugs weigh 3 grams, they are 4.6 inches long and come in either Black, Clear, or Lavender. Made in Taiwan, they have a durometer hardness of A/39. $ Price in Catalog


Onza UlŽes (oo-lays) are also a thin walled grip. They have a relatively smooth outer surface with three depressions around the circumference for the hands middle three fingers to lay into. There is a trough 3/8" form the outer end, and another 7/8" from the inner end, each to allow the grips to be wired onto the handlebar. The Onza Porcupine logo appears as a recess four times at the outer end and twice near the inner end of the grip, while the OnZa logo appears four times as the grip wall thins at the inner end. The grip wall is 19/100" thick at the outer end and 10/100th of inch at the inner end. The UleŽs grips are open at both ends and the grips come with a pair of molded Black plastic press- in end plugs. These plugs are the same ones that come with the Ritchey grips, and the Specialized bar ends, just the logo is different, leading us to believe the grips may be made by Co- Union. (One of the OnZa founding partners worked for "Tioga" / Oriental Boeki Corp. / Marui Ltd before founding OnZa. The Tioga/OBC/Marui link to Specialized is well known) Inside the grip, just near each end is a slight raise. This inner ridge assists in holding the grip in place and preventing drip from wedging between the grip and bar. The grips are 5" (125mm) long, have a pair weight of 75 grams and a durometer hardness of A/39. The Black end plugs weigh 4.5 grams per pair. Made in Taiwan they are available in Black or Lavender. $ Price in Catalog

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