ODI Grip Tape


This is without a doubt the best, new alternative to traditional tapes and ribbons no matter what they are made of. The Attack tape is made of an outrageously soft and durable rubber they call "Griptron" which is very much like Krafton rubber but appears to be even a little more supple. It has the tacky, adhesive quality Kraton does and can be applied to the handlebar directly with no need of adhesive backing because it has this "sticky" quality to it, and it sticks even better to itself making wrapping your bar a breeze. The "sticky-ness" however stays with the tape, your hands are "clean". The tape, because it is rubber stretches easily when pulled, so you can wrap it tightly and not damage the tape, will beyond the limits of vinyl treated tapes. Because it has no adhesive back the tape can be removed from your bike and washed, then reapplied, with no damage, and it will appear and work as new. Attack Grip tape is 1.3 inches wide with both edges tapered to a flat base, leaving a smooth grip surface. Attack Grip tape is sold in two lengths. The shorter of the two is 49 inches long, and called the Attack Bar End System Grip Tape, with length enough to cover a pair of handlebar extensions. The 49 inch piece weighs 69 grams or 16.9 grams per foot. The longer length is called Attack Grip Tape, and we measured it at 115 1/2 inches long, for use on drop bars, or multi-position bars, or several bar extensions, it weighs 151 grams. With each package of Attack Tape there is a pair of sturdy Black plastic end plugs included, these plugs weigh 6 grams per pair. Attack Grip Tape comes in, Black, Neon Green, deep Lavender, or Christmas Red. $ Price in Catalog

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