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The Attack grip is made of a molded Kraton-type rubber compound in Ornate Designs San Diego plant. The grip is rather thin so it can be used with a gloved hand and still give a full sense of control of the bike. (While there has been some lore developed around its origin involving a racing personality, the Attack grip is really a variation on a grip well known to any BMX racer from the 1980's called the ODI "Mushroom". The Mushroom grip was an original ODI design that had a large inner flange and a somewhat smaller outer flange, which were removed to "create" the Attack. As it turns out, the racing personality associated with the Attack grip was a BMX rider in the 1980's, but only really became successful as he moved to mountain bike racing.) The inner and has a groove for wire or zip tie fastening. The palm area has a spiral groove molded around it, that threads around the grip from one end to the other. The spiral provides "give" in the grip to make it comfortable, while water to slide through the grooves and drop off the bottom of the grip. The outer end is round and closed off with extra thickness to help prevent the end from tearing in a fall. Made in Blue, Black, Clear, Lavender, Translucent Blue, or Translucent Lavender. They weigh 93 grams per pair, have a durometer hardness of A/49, and are 4.9 inches long. Made in USA. $ Price in Catalog


These are a variation on the Attack grip, made with an open outer end for use as a grip on the handlebar with a handlebar extension installed, or perhaps on a multi-position handlebar, like the Scott AT series. Historically with bar extensions the rider bought two pair of grips, one for the handle bar and the other to install on the bar end grip, then the rider would cut the end off the pair for the bars so they could install the extension. The Attack Endless grip has a constant diameter from end to end with the famous spiral groove of the Attack in the palm area. The inner end has wider groove cut for wire on applications. The outer end also has a wire on groove, so there is a choice to it's use or position. Inside the outer is a raised lip to indicate where the handlebar should fit to, to correctly position the handlebar extension. Made in Blue, Black, Clear, Neon Green, Grey, or Neon Pink, they weigh 74 grams per pair, have a durometer hardness of A/46, and are 4.7 inches long. Made in USA. $ Price in Catalog


This is a set of four grip pieces, which employ and combine many of the features of the previous two grips. The Bar End System comes with two of the Attack Endless Grips so there is a set of grips for the handlebar. They also come with two designed-for- bar-end use grip pieces fashioned in the Attack style. The bar extension grips are scaled down in size, measuring only 4.1 inches in length. The inner end is smooth with groove for wire application. In the middle palm area is the famous Attack spiraled groove that is not as deep as the other Attack grips because this bar end grip is only 3.9mm thick rather then the 4.5mm thickness of the Endless Grip pieces. This thinner profile gives enhanced "feel" of the bike. The outer end of the bar extension grip is molded extra thick to help prevent ripping in a fall, and the end of the grip is elliptical producing an extended outer lip on one side. This flange-like lip gives surface for the index finger knuckle to rest against. The weight of the Endless pieces is 74 grams a pair, and the bar ends pieces is 65 grams per pair, bringing the total weight of the set to 139 grams. They have a durometer hardness of A/49, and are made in Blue, Black, Clear, Neon Green, Grey, or Neon Pink. Made in USA. $ Price in Catalog


$ Price in Catalog

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