Magura Grips


There are two grips from Europe that are unmistakably similar enough to have come from the same factory. We believe that Gommitalia of Italy is the maker but they are also sold as Magura grips. Magura, like Answer has primarily made their name by making motorcycle parts. This pair of grips are made of very light, Black colored, foam rubber mixed with a small amount of light Brown cork wood. The grip has a smooth outer surface that is 1.3 inches in diameter at the inner end, flaring to a 1.6 inch diameter at the outer end. The outer 8/10" (20mm) of the grip is solid, leaving a thick end to help prevent tearing in a spill. The "cork" grips are made in Black only, 5.3 inches long and weigh an unbelievably light 34 1/2 grams per pair. We found that they had a durometric hardness of A/36. These appear to be a good, very simple, lacking ego on the makers part pair of grips and though pricey, are unquestionably the lightest. These are the grips we vote "most likely to be copied by others". $ Price in Catalog

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