Grab-on Grips


The Grab-On Mountain-1 grips are a high density neoprene foam grip, superior to imported copies because they are more resistant to ultraviolet ray damage (You've seen how some foam grips crack as the surface dries out). The closed-cell nature of the grips makes it more difficult for them to take an impression (if the grip is leaned against a hard object, cheaper ones leave a permanent mark as the cells collapse). Mountain-1's are round with a small flange at the inner side, and a larger one at the outside, so you can find the bar end while blindly sliding your hand outward. The grip pieces are open at both ends and Grab-On includes two soft plastic end caps that slide over the bar end and under the grip. While there is no provision for wiring on the grips Grab-On includes a packet of adhesive that lubricates the handlebar as it slides on and dries to fasten the grip to the bar. Grab-On MTN-1 grips are available only in Black, weigh with end caps, 118 grams per pair, have a durometer hardness of A/44, and are 5.3 inches long. Made in Washington state, USA. $ Price in Catalog


The Grab-On Mountain-2 grip is made of the same closed-cell neoprene foam as are the MTN-1's but they are made in a hexagonal shape to giving your hand six surfaces to grip in the way a clenched hand makes six interior surfaces. The inner end tapers to a small flange from a thick foam palm area. Like the MTN-1 grips they are not made for wire fastening so they come with a packet of their Lube 'N Glue to apply and adhere them to the bar. MTN-2 grips are also opened at both ends and Grab-On includes a pair of soft plastic end caps that slide between the grip and the bar. MTN-2 grips weigh 102 grams per pair, with end caps, have a durometer hardness of A/41, and are 5.4 inches in length. Black only, made in Washington, USA. $ Price in Catalog

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