Cinelli Cork Ribbon


This has a great feel. It is 1 1/4" wide, has a thick, luxurious feel with tapered bottom edges so the wrap goes on the bar with leaving just one thickness and no obvious edge to lift up. It is made of real, natural cork to dampen and cushion shock, and has tiny holes down the center of the tape forming the Cinelli "C" logo, which permit air ventilation through the cork from sweaty palms. There is a thin, double sided, adhesive back, making installation easy, as each successive wrap is held in place. Cinelli Cork Ribbon is packaged as two 62 inch rolls, one for each bar side. They include two 4 inch lengths of ribbon to wrap the backside of the brake lever, also two chrome-plated, plastic end plugs, and Black "C" logo tape strips for holding down the finished inner end, to help prevent fingers or gloves from lifting the edge in use. Cinelli Cork Ribbon is available in Black, Blue, Red, White, Yellow and Bianchi Celeste (light green). Weight of the ribbon for an entire handlebar with end plugs is 55 grams. Made in Italy. $ Price in Catalog

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