Bontrager Race Grip


Made of rubber, by Co-Union in Taiwan, for Bontrager, these grips have a solid, firm and tactile feel. They are round in shape with the upper half of the grips surface, where the palm contacts, made smooth. On the lower half of the grip, feathering in on the sides, there is a slightly raised grid pattern, within taller circular ridges for finger tip grip surface. This feature of smooth top and raised grid on the lower surface is an improvement over the original Race grip which has raised grids and ribs over the entire surface. The fully raised rib model was discontinued in favor of this current model once Bontrager was aware that riders preferred a smooth top surface. The Bontrager Race grip has short flanges at both ends, and there is no thumb/grip shifter interference. The grip is open at both ends, so they can be used on bar ends without cutting. They also come with a pair of thick, tight fitting, heavy duty, press-in, rubber grip ends for use on handlebars. Black only, the grips weigh 72 grams per pair, with plugs, are 4 1/2 inches long, and have a durometric hardness of A/46. The plugs weigh 12 grams.Now that Mr. Bontrager has sold Bontrager Cycles to what is being call the "Microsoft of the bike industry", Trek... it is un-clear what the future of these will be. $ Price in Catalog

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