Answer Grips


Using several grips design techniques found elsewhere, thesegrips comprise the better features of many other grips combined. They are made for Answer, by ODI, of Kraton-type rubber for it's tactile, adhesive quality. The inner end has a groove on the exterior for wire or zip tie application. On the interior of the inner end is raised ring that acts as an inside O-ring to keep water and dirt from getting under the grip and loosening it. The upper palm area has fine raised ribs running front to back, not unlike the Attack grip has in it's spiral pattern. The raised ribs cushion against fatigue and road shock. The under side of the palm area has a rectangular ribbed "waffle" pattern that increases finger grip and control of the handlebar. The underside in the area where the thumb rests is made smooth and flush with the inner end to provide blister-free under bar shifting. The outer end of the grip is closed off in a round dome shape and made thick to help prevent ripping of the grip end in a fall. The Aggressor grips are packaged like the ODI grips, which leads us to believe that ODI makes these for Answer. They are available in Blue, Black, Lavender, Neon Pink, Red, or Neon Yellow. Aggressor grips weigh 91 grams per pair, have a durometer hardness of A/52 (Blue), and are 4.9 inches long. Made in USA. $ Price in Catalog


The Answer Logo grips are a lighter weight version of grips, because they have a thinner grip wall. The grip has the Answer Logo molded into it, lengthwise, six times. Four occurrences have the lettering raised 3mm off the grips base surface, and filled in, thickening and making more firm the its rubber surface. The four filled in logos are to face upward when properly installed, helping to cushion against road shock. The remaining two logos, are outlines of the Answer name left unfilled in. These provide a softer area for the finger tip to grip on the handlebars bottom side. The grip has a groove on its inner side for "wire on" grip purposes. The outer end of the grip is made thicker to resist tearing through in event of accident. Answer Logo are available in Blue, Black, Clear, Lavender, Red. Logo grips weigh 91 grams per pair, have a durometer hardness of A/34 and are 4.9 inches long. They are environmentally packaged using cardboard not plastic and are made in USA. $ Price in Catalog

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