Merlin XLM (eXtra Light Mountain) Frame

The XLM is a weigtht rediced version of the Merlin Mountain frame. The reduction is performed by using another Ti tubing set. The top tube and down tube are single butted. The head tube, seat tube, and chainstays are double butted.

The seatstays are "center butted" made thinner in the central area where the cantilever brake bosses are welded in place. The 7/8" diameter seat stays resist flex and twist. The head tube angle is designed to compensate for a suspension fork use.

The XLM uses a 27.2mm seatpost.

Merlin XLM frame
Frame Size (inches, center to center)*13.5"15.0"16.25"17.5"18.75"20.0"21.5"
Head Angle (in degrees)*70.571.
Seat Angle (in degrees)73.573.573.573.072.572.572.0
Nominal Top Tibe length (in inches)21.0021.7522.3823.0023.6324.2525.00
Chainstay (in inches)16.7516.7516.7516.7516.7516.7516.875
Wheelbase (in inches)*39.840.441.141.642.142.543.3
Standover Height (in inches)*27.628.629.630.331.232.333.9
Bottom Bracket Height (in inches) *11.611.611.711.811.811.811.9
Head Tube length (in inches)3.283.754.
Steerer Length (in inches)5.005.505.756.006.757.759.25
Frame Weight (pounds)2.672.762.872.953.083.213.36
* with Rock Shox Judy SL or Manitou 4 and rider weight aboard
For easier comparison to other frames, the "nominal top tube" lengths in the specification chart are measured as if the top tube were horizontal

The XLM comes in 7 sizes.

Bike-Pro does not sell this frame
Merlin has the Suggested Retail Price for this frame set at $2495
It has a dealer cost of $1650 plus about $10 in freight cost.

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