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TNT is well known for their light weight parts that are CNC machined to exacting tolerances allowing them to precisely cut away any excess material to make these cranks the lightest. The arms are machined from 7075-T6 billet aluminum. The arms have a rectangular shape with circular ends. At the circular pedal end is 25.40mm (1") across, at the B/B end it's 30.48mm (1.2") across. The rectangular shape widens from the pedal to the B/B spindle, but maintains its 14.40mm thickness. To reduce the weight of each arm a groove is milled on the front and back and also on each side. The groove on the front and rear beginning on the pedal end with a 13mm width expanding to 16mm as it approaches the B/B. The milling from both sides leaves a 11.28mm thickness at the pedal to just 3.98mm at the B/B end.


The grooves at both sides is 5mm wide and has a 1.3mm depth. Each of the arms is drilled, and tapped for 9/16" x 20 TPI pedals. They are also bored and tapped with 22mm x 1mm threads for crank arm dust caps. The two degree taper sides for the spindle are milled to shape by the CNC machine. The right arm at the B/B spindle is 20mm thick. The spider is mounted using 5 steel bolts from the rear. In the areas where no bolt passes through from the spider the aluminum is cut away leaving a 2.3mm thick circular plate that the spider bolts against. The spider is machined from .250" (1/4") aluminum plate, with the areas of the spider reaching the fixing bolts milled away from both sides leaving the a 2.5mm thick center section. The TNT Road bike arm set uses the standard 130mm bolt center diameter pattern. We found they had a Bike-Pro Q measurement of 145mm.

These crank arms are available in Blue, Black, Green, Lavender, Red, or Silver, always with the spider in Silver. The arms are available in 170mm, 172.5mm 175mm, 177,5mm or 180mm lengths. The arm set doesn't come with chainrings, fixing bolts, crank bolts or crank arm dust caps. The 170mm long set weighs 405 grams.

Length-70-72-75-77-80 - Color B-BK-GN-L-R-S   $ Price in Catalog 

TNT Mountain Crank Arm Set
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