SRP - Chainring & Crankbolts


SRP doesn't make an inner aluminum fixing bolt set. Therefore we got these from Kronos. The inner bolts have the standard 8mm by .75mm threads. These bolts have a 5mm hex fitting and are 15mm long. They are a direct replacement for any inner bolt set used in any of the cranks reviewed here.

Coming as a set of five, these do not come with the needed 4mm spacers, so save the ones that come with the cranks. The set of five bolts weighs only 7 grams, far less than the steel set. Kronos anodizes the bolts in several colors, dark Blue, Black, Lavender, Red, Silver or Turquoise (light Blue).

Color-B-BK-L-R-S-T $ Price in Catalog

SRP Titanium Inner Fixing Bolt Set

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