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It's our belief that Sim's learned what they needed to know about making crank arm sets from John Grafton, after Grafton and Topline parted ways. It seems that Grafton and Sims have now parted ways and Sims is selling cranks under their own name. The Aluminum Lite-Ning arm set has a single piece right arm. Each arm is CNC machined from a single piece of 7075-T6 billet aluminum. The arm is 1" (25.35mm) wide at the pedal spindle, narrows just slightly over the pedal and gradually widens to 1.47" (37.5mm) at the B/B spindle. The elegantly flowing shape to the arm is 15.5mm thick at the pedal spindle gradually becoming 20.5mm thick near the B/B spindle on both arms. The outer corners of the front and the back of each arm are cut with a 10mm quarter round flute which run around the B/B spindle.

These cuts give the arm a much more finished appearance than their predecessor. On the right arm, the spider is left as a part of the arm, after the cutting is finished. Large circular cuts separate each of the spider arms. The 6.42mm thick arms have the back side milled away leaving just a 3.03mm thickness.

The posts left for the inner fixing bolts are 12.3mm thick with tapped holes for the inner bolts to anchor into. At the arm ends, where the middle and outer chainrings bolt to them, they are milled to a 3.75mm thickness. The Sims cranks use the standard 110mm bolt center diameter for the mid and outer chainring, and 74mm for the inner. The pedal spindle hole is drilled and tapped with 9/16" by 20 TPI threads. The crank arm dust cap holes are bored and tapped with 22mm by 1mm threads. The square B/B spindle hole has its tapered sides made in the milling of the back of each arm.

Sims also includes a nifty set of crank arm caps. The caps are machined from aluminum rod and look just like the ones that Grafton marketed for the past couple of years. Weighing three grams a pair, a slot on the face is used to turn them into place. The caps come anodized to match the arms. We found the Sims Aluminum Lite-Ning crank arms has a Bike-Pro Q measurement of 154mm. The cranks come anodized in Blue, Black, Pewter Grey, Lavender, or Silver. They are made only in 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm, 177.5mm or 180mm lengths. Lite-Ning Aluminum Mountain cranks come as right arm, with integrated spider, left arm and a set crank arm dust caps. Chainrings, the double chainring fixing bolt set, and the inner fixing bolt set, will be needed separately. We found the 175mm arm set weighs 404.5 grams, the caps add another 3 grams. Made in Santa Ana, California, please specify length and color

Size-70-72-75-77-80 - Color-B-BK-GY-L-S  $ Price in Catalog 

Sims Titanium Lite-Ning Mountain Crank Arm Set
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