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The Dura-Ace 7410, is the successor to the DA 7402 crankset. The 7410 is Shimano's top-of-the-line Road Racing crankset and is Shimano Total Integration (STI), HyperDrive and Dual SIS compatible for use with their narrow chain. These are cold forged arms, a process where the aluminum is first cut into the rough shape of the final piece and squeezed several times into it's final shape, making a denser alloy arm that is less susceptible to stress fractures. The arm is then drilled, broached the B/B spindle, and tapped for the 9/16" pedal spindle and the crank arm dust cap. After the front of each arm and the rear to the spider area has been given a fine polish, then clear (Silver) anodized, the front of each arm has the Dura-Ace logo silk screened in Black on it. (Previous versions had the logo engraved then painted Black, after anodizing). The right arm has the reverse side milled in the area of the spider leaving nice clean edges with no extra aluminum to increase weight. The arms have a flat surface so any bends are very noticeable, and in not painting the arms, it is easier to discover cracks and fractures from crashes. At the crank bolt, the arm is rounded reducing mass. The chainrings are precision cut and ground for an exact chain fit, then Silver (clear) anodized.

The large chainring has an anti-jam pin driven into it where the chainring lays over the crank arm. This is to prevent, in an overshift, the chain from jamming up between the chainring and the arm. With the anti-jam pin it's possible to push the shift lever forward and re-engage it on the large chainring. The outer chainring also has SG-X teeth at three locations, which is a combination of 5 teeth that have small steel pins in a notch cut into the chainring back. These SG-X "gates" are said to improve the speed of shifting from the inner to the outer chainrings. The chainrings are round and have 130mm bolt spacing. Included with the arms are two crank arm bolts, which are made of two parts machine pressed together. The larger of the two is Titanium that has an 8mm hex fitting for removal or installation. An aluminum outer dust cap is pressed onto the outer end of the bolt. To reduce friction a steel washer is used for the crank bolt to rotate against. An other weight reduction feature of the 7410 set is chainring fixing bolts and nuts are made of aluminum. The cranks are a low profile design will work with any 2 degree tapered spindle bottom bracket that has a very short spindle. Shimano strongly recommends using their 103mm long spindled 7410 B/B. Other makers with a 103mm length should as well. Dura-Ace 7410 cranks are made in 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm, 177.5mm, or 180mm lengths, occasionally with patience we can special order a set in a 165mm or 167.5mm length. They come with the 42-52 or 39-53 tooth chainrings. The Dura-Ace 7410 cranks come as right arm, left arm, two chainrings, all the required fixing bolts, and a set of Ti/aluminum crank arm bolts. The 175mm 42-53t crankset, with all included parts, weighs 598.5 grams (down from the previous 647 grams). Specify length and chainring sizes. $ Price in Catalog

Shimano Ultegra 6400 Crankset
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