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Shimano's M737 is the new HyperDrive-C Deore XT crankset. The HyperDrive-C cranks use much shorter spider arms and smaller chainrings which reduce the on-bike weight of the cranks. Previous versions the XT cranks were cold forged, this is no longer a feature Shimano promotes so the M737 must be forged using a more common molten aluminum process. After forging, the spider has some milling work performed to take off burrs and give the arm a clean line for the chainrings. They are then drilled for the dust caps, spindles (both B/B and pedal), and the fixing bolts. The B/B spindles are broached to make the 2¡ tapered square for the B/B spindle and tapped with 22mm x 1mm threads for the dust cap, and the 9/16 x 20 threads for the pedals. The arms are given a fine, even, textured surface, then clear anodized leaving a Silver color, left as un-painted aluminum they are easily able to be inspected for defects or cracks. Each of the arms has the name "Shimano Deore XT" screened Black lettering near the B/B spindle, (you may remember when these were still cold forged cranks that the name was engraved in the face of each arm, this is likely a casualty of the Dollar/Yen exchange rate, creating a high yen value or "Endaka"). The XT cranks come with three SuperGlide SG-X type, round chain- rings, using the Shimano standard 58mm inner and 94mm outer bolt pattern. The outer aluminum chainring shows some splendid workmanship. Made of 4mm thick aluminum plate, the piece is very cleanly die- cut to shape, then turned on a lathe to reduce the thickness to the 2.12mm

The chainring is stamped to make the tooth points and give them the necessary shape for the SG-X shift gate pattern. Certain parts of the inner side of outer chainring are milled away to make the beds for the four SG-X steel pins used to lift the chain to the top of teeth. Two SG-X portals exist on the outer chainring which are anodized Black before the steel pins and the aluminum anti-jam pin are riveted to in place. The middle chainring is made of 2.6mm thick aluminum plate, that is die-cut then turned on a lathe to reduce the thickness to 2.0mm in the area of the teeth. The piece is stamped to give it necessary corrugation for the SG-X feature, make the points of the teeth and the SG-X shape to the teeth. The middle chainring is anodized in a Silver color, then the 4 steel shift gates are riveted to the back of the piece. The inner chainring is die-cut from steel plate, turned on a lathe to taper the tooth points, then Chrome plated. The inner chainring is a high wear point traveling several more revolutions than the middle and outer, the use of a steel inner is wise. The crankset comes with 5mm hex head fixing bolts to fasten all three chainrings to the arms. The fixing bolts and nuts are made of steel. The bolt set to hold the inner chainring is also made of steel and has 5mm hex fittings for removal. Included is a set of Shimano "cap-less design" crank bolts. These bolts are made of chromed steel with an 8mm hex fitting for removal or installation of the bolt, (to remove the arms without damage, will still require a crank arm pulling tool). Around the out- side of these 13 grams bolts a Black plastic dust seal snaps. XT cranks will work with any 2 degree tapered spindle bottom bracket, Shimano recommends using a 107 or 113mm spindle length. We stock the cranks in 170mm, 175mm, or 180mm lengths with either 22-32-42 or 22-32-44 tooth SuperGlide chainrings. We can also special order if needed the XT cranks in a 165mm length. The Shimano XT crankset comes as right arm, left arm, three chainrings, all the required fixing bolts, and a set of chrome capless crank bolts. XT cranks, 175mm long, using 22-32-44 chainrings, with all included parts, weigh 696.5 grams. When ordering specify length and chainring sizes.

Length-65-70-75-80 - Rings 22-32-42=2 or 22-32-44=4 $ Price in Catalog

Shimano Xtr Crankset

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