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This is Shimano's entry-level performance/competition crankset, and brings with it all the functionality of the more expensive XT cranks. The aluminum alloy arms are clearly melt forged. Like other cranks the dust cap, fixing bolts, the B/B spindle and the pedal spindle. The B/B spindle hole is broached to making it four sided, with 2 degree tapers for any standard B/B. The dust cap hole is tapped with 22 x 1mm threads for a standard cap or crank removal tool, and the pedal spindle hole is tapped with the needed 9/16" x 20 threads. There is no serious post- forging polish work done on these arms, but they have a fairly smooth finish out of the mold, which made more smooth by painting them with a high gloss Black paint. The paint makes pre- purchase inspection for defects difficult and also makes difficult to see small fatigue of stress cracks developed later in use. The Deore LX crankset comes with three SuperGlide round chainrings, the middle and outer of which are the SG-X type using a 94mm bolt center diameter for mounting. The inner chainring uses a 54mm BCD and appears to be the same type used on the XT cranks. The mid and outer chainrings are poorer in quality when compared those used on the XT. The outer is die-cut from 2.9mm thick aluminum plate that has the has the original foundry brushed surface. The outer, once stamped is turned on a lathe to reduce the thickness in the area of the points to 2.0mm thickness.

The teeth are stamped after the lathe to make the needed tapers and points on the teeth as well as SG-X depressions in the teeth and chainring for the shift gates. Four steel pins placed at the 3 and 9 o'clock positions are used to help lift the chain into place on the outer chainring, helped by notched and shorter teeth. The middle is also die-cut from aluminum plate, in this case 2.6mm thick that is turned on a lathe to reduce the thickness to 2.0mm in the teeth area. The piece is then stamped to give the teeth points and depressions as needed for the SG-X functionality. Four steel shift gates, one at each compass point are riveted to the chainring's back. The outer and middle are generally clear anodized leaving them a Silver aluminum color, there have been odd instances when we have received LX cranks with a Black outer chainring, but it cannot be depended on. The chainrings are middle and outer fastened bolts and nuts are made of Black painted steel, using a 5mm hex fitting for removal. The inner bolt set is made of nickel plated steel with 5mm hex fittings for removal. LX cranks come with two chrome plated, "capless design" crank bolts. These bolts have an 8mm hex fitting so a long handled 8mm hex wrench can be used for removal and tightening. You will however still need a crank arm pulling tool to remove and arm from the spindle without damaging it. Black plastic dust seals snap around the bolts. LX cranks will work with any 2 degree, tapered spindle bottom bracket. The cranks are made in 170mm, or 175mm lengths using just the 22-32-42 tooth SuperGlide chainrings. The Shimano LX crankset comes as right arm, left arm, three chainrings, all the required fixing bolts, and a set of chrome crank bolts. 175mm Deore LX cranks using 22-32-42 chainrings, with all included parts, weigh 697.5 grams. When ordering specify length and chainring sizes.

Length-70-75 $ Price in Catalog

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