Crank Tools


Park makes a single capable of removing all aluminum/Ti cottlerless crank arms, which includes all the branks sold hear except Bullseye and Grove which don't have a 2¡ degree tapered spindle. The Park tool comes in two parts, a puller and a handle. The puller is threaded on both ends, one side has 22mm x 1mm, the other has 23 x 1mm threads so the tool will fit the inner threads at the B/B spindle. The puller piece is threaded into the crank arm and cinched just past hand tight, the handle piece turns through the hollow core of the puller piece with clockwise rotation.

As the handle makes contact with the B/B it applies pressure backward against the tool seated in the arm and begins to push the arm backward off the B/B spindle. The 6.5" long handle is vinyl coated and provides the needed leverage to free even the most stubborn arm. This tool is a must have for anyone using a cotterless crank intending to work on their bottom bracket and not wanting to damage their arms in removal. $ Price in Catalog
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