Chain Stay Protectors


Stay Wrap is a plastic chain stay cover that resembles the covers used over automobile wire harnesses. It comes as a single piece that is 22 1/2" long. Stay Wrap protects the entire chain stay from scratches and muffles noise from chain slap. It's easy to install because it doesn't use zip-ties, or glue. You just coil it around your chain stay. It will fit nearly any size stay in both diameter and length, and is also sun and water resistant. It weighs roughly 1 gram per inch. Black only. $ Price in Catalog


This 6.5 gram piece of resin keeps the chain from jamming between the chainstay and your tire. It isn't uncommon, if your freewheel or cassette system has some dirt or grime in it, for the chain to roll forward, off the cog, because the freewheel/freehub isn't spinning freely enough. The chain then folds up and jams, preventing the cranks or wheel from working. This deflector prevents the chain from loading into that trouble area and at the same time, acts as a chainstay protector so paint isn't chipped off your frame. Black, made in Japan. $ Price in Catalog


Extra thick, noise dampening and durable. The WTB chainstay Protector will quiet chainslap and protect your frame. These are Black 3M adhesive-backed rubber Chainstay Protectors. Wilderness Trail Bikes conceived of the adhesive backed rubber chainstay protector some years back. They are still the only rubber stay protectors available with special noise dampening rubber, in a double thickness (1.5mm). WTB Chainstay Protectors stay on the frame well in all weather conditions and can be removed easily without solvent. It weighs 5 grams. $ Price in Catalog


Stay Tuff is a bike protection kit, that includes a vinyl chainstay protector and six 3/4" diameter clear vinyl dots, and an alcohol impregnated pad. The Chainstay protector is a Black vinyl that is self adhesive strip. At 10 1/2" long it will protect your paint and eliminate some chain slap. The self-adhesive Clear dots are to be placed on other points of contact on your bike, like where your pump touches, or under the cable housing at the stops on the down tube. The included alcohol is to clean the frame prior to sticking them on your frame. $ Price in Catalog