DID Chains


The trend to cambered pin link plates has been helped along by the use of odd shaped teeth on the inner side of chainrings. These "gated" teeth rest inside of the main ring of teeth to grab and pull the chain up onto the rest the of chainring. The gated teeth have an easier time catching a grip on a cambered plated. Its rounded outer curvature naturally provides an advantage over a flat plate. Most chains have both the inner and outer link plates cambered while only the outer set needs to be, even though the cambered plate adds slightly to the weight. The DID Asymmetric has only the outer link plates cambered. They are also nickel plated so the "outer" side can be determined at sight. The inner side link plates have beveled inner edges and are Black. The pins are nickel plated. Made in Japan, it has 116 links and a weight of 319.5 grams. $ Price in Catalog

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