Wilderness Trail Bicycle Brake Pads


The Gripmaster Brake Pad has a nicely built pad holder made of aluminum. The pad holder is made in two parts, a pan which the pad material is bonded to, and a non-threaded mounting post. The pan is stamped from aluminum plate and then anodized. The pan section of the holder is available in Blue, Black, Lavender, Red or Silver with the mounting post always in Silver. The pad holder is 62mm long and 14mm high with a rim contact area that's 57mm by 9mm in an arched shape which mimics the curve of the rim. The pad material is made for Wilderness Trail by Kool-Stop/Everett Manufacturing and comes in three versions. The first is "conventional" or standard (by us) which is Black in color and tests to an A/91 hardness. The second is called "abrasive" which is Orange (in fact about the same color as the Scott/Mathauser pad material which is made in the factory). This pad has a extra abrasive element derived from a volcanic rock which assists the pad in preventing squeals and wears away rim imperfections. The "abrasive pad tested to an A/92 hardness. The final variation of the Gripmaster, known as "Dual-Compound" has 41mm of the Black standard brake pad and 16mm of the Orange abrasive pad material bonded together. Because of the workmanship in the holder and the general cost of this pad set, Wilderness Trail is available to rebuild the pads if you send them to WTB when worn out. Gripmaster pads are sold in pairs. The pair of Standard compound pads weighs 39.5 grams, the Abrasive pair weighs 44 grams, and the Dual-Compound pair weighs 41.5 grams. Specify pad material type and color of holder pan. Made in USA $ Price in Catalog

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