Dia-Compe Brake Pads


These Dia-Compe cantilever brake pads are made in Japan. They have a Grey colored pad compound that is said to be softer, but they don't say what they're softer than. The pad is 63mm long and 16mm high with a rim contact area that is 59mm by 10mm. The pad has a slight arch shape which mimics the shape of the rim. The pad is molded around an internal steel structure that uses an aluminum mounting post. The post is 6.95mm in diameter with a useful length of 26mm. The OPC66 pads come in a set of four, with each of the four directional marked as to front or rear and left or right. We found the Grey compound, when tested, to have an A/90 hardness. The weight of a pair of the OPC66 pads is 49.5 grams.

Set of four OPC66 $ Price in Catalog

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