Brake Levers


The Tech Lite lever set is the light weight winner. The Tech lever uses a traditional non-compound pulling action. The clamp piece is made of machined 6061-T6 aluminum, with two clamping bands. Each of the bands has a small recessed cap bolt that spans a 5mm gap anchoring into the opposing side. As the bolt is turned the 1.15mm thick clamp tightens onto the handlebar. The cap bolts are made of stainless steel and have a 2.5 mm hex fitting.

The middle of the clamp assembly is machined away so the handle piece can be mounted inside the clamp housing. The lever is machined from 1/4" thick aluminum plate. Mill work in the clamp area reduce the handle weight. A coiled spring has one end bolted to the handle with the other end hooked around the clamp tightening bolt nearest the stem. This is the lever return spring and pulls the lever closed when released. The cable convenience adjuster is machined from aluminum with 5mm by .8mm threads. The side of the adjuster isnÕt cut through so threading a new brake wire will take a little longer. There is also no fixing nut, instead there is a rubber washer to hold the adjuster's position.

The handle is covered with a Black foam rubber sleeve that builds out its shape and cushions the riders grip. The Tech Lite levers have no reach adjustment. The area for finger grip is 80mm long. The clamp piece comes anodized in Blue, Black, Lavender, or Silver. The handle piece is always Silver. The weight of the Tech Lite levers is 106.5 grams

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