Grafton Brake Levers


The Re-entry levers are complexly machined, light and pricey. Machined from 7075-T6 billet aluminum the handle piece uses a traditional pivot design. The clamp assembly is machined as a single piece from billet aluminum, with the binding mechanism drilled and milled away so the last saw cut opens the clamp. The lever fastening bolt is made of stainless steel. Like a water bottle cage bolt, it has 5mm by .8mm threads with a 9.5mm length, a 3mm hex fitting for tightening and a 2 gram weight. The cable adjuster and its fixing nut are made of aluminum with 7mm by 1mm threads and slot cut up the middle so the adjuster can revolve around the cable. The adjuster weighs 2 grams and the nut weighs 1.5 grams. The handle is held to the clamp assembly by pivot pin. The pin in the instructions is said to be made of Titanium but we found it was really machined stainless steel. Mounted on both sides of the handle in the pivot pin area is a machined brass bushing with four holes. These holes along with holes through the clamp housing allow four separate pivot point possibilities. The pivot pin can be positioned in any of the four to affect the type of pull (braking style) the rider wants. A more immediate cable pull, or a steady but increasing pressure can be achieved through different positions. The stainless steel pin is held in place by a constricting style cir-clip or "E-clip". Changes in the pivot can't be done on the fly, it requires a couple of minutes, and a small screwdriver. Nylon washers on the outside of the clamp housing, and the brass interior, help to reduce friction between the handle and housing as the handle pivots.

Each lever has a steel reach adjustment set screw near the cable exit point. Tightening it shortens the distance the lever can travel when released making it more comfortable for small hands. Unlike mass produced lever sets, the Re-entry Levers don't have return springs built in and must rely on the springs in the brake arms to close the lever when released. The lever is 85mm long from the center of the pivot to the tip of the handle. The area for finger grip is 85mm long. A Black rubber grip covers the outer 2 inches of the handle. Re-Entry levers are available anodized in Blue, Black, Pewter Grey, Lavender, Red or Silver. They have a pair weight with the steel bolts and rubber grips of just 116.5 grams. These come with a short or long handle design. Made in USA.

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