Syncros Hang Doggy

The Syncros Hang Doggy is a binder type of cable hanger forged of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. The platform for the cable is 11mm thick and bored for a special machined brass cable routing piece. The front of the platform is cut vertically for the cable to slide in place. The brass tube fits into this with a 90 degree outward turn. The cable housing slides into the front end and the inner wire slides along the smooth interior of the of the self lubricating tube. A hole is bored through the side of the clamp piece. The hole is tapped with threads for the binding bolt, then the front is cut to make the binding mechanism. A steel bolt draws the clamp tight.

The Hang Doggy is made in 3 sizes, 1", 1 1/8" or 1 1/4". The two smaller sizes are the same but the 1" size has a 1.52mm wall thickness split aluminum shim which reduces the 1 1/8" interior to the needed 1". The Clamp piece is anodized Black and the brass piece is polished then clear coated to hold its finish. The 1" size weighs 37.5 grams, the 1 1/8" size weighs 34.5 grams, and the 1 1/4" weighs 30.5 grams. (It weighs less because a larger hole is drilled through the same aluminum forging used to make the other two.) The brass piece is 7 grams of each of these weights.

Because of the drop, these are a particualry good choice for use with the Softride stems. Made in Canada

1" Hang Doggy $ Price in Catalog
1 1/8" Hang Doggy $ Price in Catalog
1 1/4" Hang Doggy $ Price in Catalog

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