Odyssey Straddle Rod

The Straddle Rod replaces the straddle wire and cable carrier (hanger). Made of separate pieces of aluminum for the nuts and bracket, the Straddle Rod uses threaded steel rods which can have the length adjusted by threading them farther into the upper nut assembly. Once the rod is turned to the proper length a set screw tightens against the rod holding it in place.

At the bottom of the rods, one has a hole for the pin anchor to fasten through, the other has a steel barrel like the lead one found on straddle wires. The rod, once set, doesn't flex like straddle wire and pulls with even tension. The nut piece the rod threads into and the bracket the holding the nuts are made of aluminum. At the top of the Straddle Rod is a brake pin anchor bolt made of steel that tightens and holds the brake inner wire.

There are two versions of the Straddle Rod, the "standard" profile and the "low" profile. The difference between the two is the length of the rods. The "low" profile rods are 3" (76mm) long and the Standard are 4 1/8" (105mm). The Standard version has a total weight of 39.5 grams, the Low profile has a total weight of 36 grams. They are bolt made in 4 colros, Blue, Black, Lavender and Silver. Made in USA.

Color-B-BK-L-S standard $ Price in Catalog
Color-B-BK-L-S low profile $ Price in Catalog

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