Joe's Yokes Cable Carrier

The Joe's Yoke are machined from 8.15mm thick plate aluminum. It is milled into a triangle shape that is 32mm high and 52.8mm wide. The middle area of the Yoke is milled away reducing the weight considerably, this carrier is physically the largest we've reviewed. Four holes are bored into the face of the piece, one at each lower corner and two vertically at the top angle. Two cuts are made, one on each side. There is a 2.35mm kerf left from this cut.

The front area of each side is then milled away to the depth of the kerf, leaving a 9mm by 12.4mm oval of full thickness at the top and bottom area intact. The holes are tapped with threads for steel cup pointed set screws.

The screws at the sides hold the straddle cable stationary and the upper two screws securely bind the Yoke to the inner wire. Anodized in Blue, Black, Green, Lavender or Silver, each Yoke weighs 9 grams. The needed 2mm hex wrench is not included. Made in USA.

Joe's was bought by 2 ex-employees of Bell Sports. They have also purchased Critical Racing, Mantis Racing (frames), and Carmichael (derailleur pulleys). The Joe's Yoke has been retired as a design and they are moving forward with the Critical Racing "Speeding Bullets" carriers. These were originally a Joe's design, but they are consolidating all brake products under the Critical Racing banner.

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