Crystal Design / MRC G-Spot Cable Carrier

The G-Spot is a collaborative effort by Steve McMahon and Russ Crystal. It is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum. The piece is 3/4" (19mm) in diameter and 8.9mm thick. The majority of the front face is milled away, reducing the thickness to 4.6mm leaving a 2.5mm wide groove at the lower part of the front face to carry the straddle wire. A tiny 2mm diameter hole is drilled from top to bottom for the brake wire to pass through. A hole is bored into the face for a brass washer, tapped with threads for a 4mm bolt.

When the bolt is tightened, the brass washer compresses and holds brake inner wire. The G-Spot doesn't have a set screw that tightens to hold the straddle wire in a fixed position. The bolt uses a 2.5mm hex wrench. The weight of the G-Spot is 6.5 grams and they were made in 5 colors, Blue, Black, Gold, Lavender and Silver.

These stopeed being produced once the OnZa Chill Pills came to market. Now that OnZa is in bankruptcy they may be made again.

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