Dia-Compe Cable Carrier

This is one of the most common of cable carriers used in after-market replacement brakes. The hanger piece is made of stamped of 2mm thick aluminum plate. The piece is 26.5mm tall and 27.75mm wide. The bottom of the hanger has an arch shape with a 2.6mm gap that allows the brake inner wire to pass through the carrier. The inner wire is held to the plate using a "keyed" steel bolt with a vertical hole through it. It is "keyed" because it fits though the hole in the plate a certain way because it has flat spots on the top and bottom of it to fit properly in the "keyway". With the inner wire through the bolt a steel flat washer is used on both sides of the plate to reduce the friction of tightening the aluminum "acorn" nut gripped by a 10mm socket. This cable carrier weighs 8 grams. $ Price in Catalog

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