WTB Cantilever Brake



This WTB design was the first true MTB specific brake and fits U-Brake studs only and uses a triangular cam plate that pulls between 2 sealed bearing pulleys (1 in the top of each arm). This design is much more powerful than most cantilevers. At the bottom of the arm is a highly adjustable brake pad. mount for precision tuning of the brake pad. At the top of the arm is a pulley fastened by a post which protrudes to accept the arm return spring, while the pulley runs against a cambered plate. The brake cable pulls up on the cambered plate. As the plate is drawn up it pushes against the pulley at the top forcing the pulleys apart.

The arm pivots on the U-Brake stud forcing the brake pad into contact with the rim, to brake the bike. This works so well because every moving part has a lube port and is designed to reduce friction. All the parts are replaceable. WTB makes one pulley size with three cam sizes. Wider cams are available for spacing which is extra wide at the mounting stud.

There are two versions of this brake, a standard and a compact model. Which version you require is determined by measuring the distance from the center of the rear axle to the center of the brake pivot post (U-Brake mounting stud). If it is between 12 7/16" and 12 5/8" the standard model is correct. If it's between 12 1/4"and 12 7/16" you need the compact model. Again measure along the center of the chainstay to obtain an accurate distance. It uses non-threaded brake pads and comes in Black or Silver. The Roller Cam weighs 156.5 grams, the included mounting bolts weigh 12.5 grams, and the included Eagle Claws weigh 47 grams, bringing the total weight to 216 grams.

Color-BK-S $ Price in Catalog


The WTB Speedmaster uses a tubular arm design with a linear spring rather than a coiled spring. They are available in Silver. $ Price in Catalog


WTB makes a mecahnically linked Toggle Cam brake. Intended for suspension use, it will fit U-Brake studs only. Made in Silver only. $ Price in Catalog