Mavic 451 Road Brakeset

The 451 set is traditional in design leaving all shifter functions off the brakeset. The handle and housing sections of the levers are made of aluminum. The lever is mounted to the handle bar using a constricting steel band that is drawn up by a steel bolt using a 4mm hex fitting. The levers are aero styled so the brake cable routes through the lever housing and along the front of the handlebar beneath the handlebar tape.

The tension on the lever pivot is adjustable using two 3mm hex wrenches at the top of the handle section of the lever. The lever's rubber hood is Black. The caliper arms are forged of aluminum alloy. It comes as front and rear calipers, aero levers with Black hoods and a cable set. The levers weigh 241 grams, the calipers weighs 369.5 grams and the cable set weighs 140.5 grams for a total set weight of 751 grams.

Mavic has exited the bicycles parts market and is a bicycle rim supplier only at this time. Thjey are continually re-inventing who they are and wher they will operate from. Mavic was bought in 1994 by the Saloman company who you may know from their ski equipment. They are in a state of confusion.

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