Shimano Brake Cables


These are quite simply the most rugged of the brake replacement cable sets. The cable itself is many strands woven together to create six smaller secondary cables which are then woven to create the primary brake cable itself. The finished heavy duty steel cable has a 2.0mm diameter. The cable housing is made of coiled flat steel wire and is teflon lined, so no matter how many turns the cable takes, it slips easily through the housing.

The housing has a 6mm diameter, with an exterior of Black vinyl plastic. Each cable has a plastic strain relief at the "barrel" shaped lead anchor to equalize stress and each comes with a chrome plated cable stop. This cable set can be used with most mountain brake levers. The front cable is 890mm long and has 800mm of housing with a total weight of 84 grams. The rear cable is 1500mm long and has 1400mm of cable housing with a total weight of 142.5 grams. $ Price in Catalog

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