Dia-Compe Straddle Wire

This the most popular replacement straddle wire found in our service department. For use on mountain bike brakes, it has a lead "barrel" end with a finger grip for quick release purposes on one end. The other end is zinc dipped to bind the strand ends together. The straddle wire is made of several strands of steel wire wound together then drawn through a die to make a 1.5mm outer diameter. The wire is 15' (380mm) long and is frequently used on cantilever brakes as original equipment.

If you are using a Shimano cantilever, it additionally solves a rear suspension frame or oversized frame tube's brake difficulties which is brake wire binding from too sharp a turn at the seat tube. The Shimano brake comes with the straddle and wire carrier as a single unit which requires a certain amount of clearance and flexibility not found in the XT, LX, or XTR units. Our service department frequently solves this problem by using the 8 gram aluminum Dia-Compe cable carrier (our part # 06-21-118) along with this straddle wire and a standard inner brake wire, not using the Shimano system at all. The straddle wire weighs 8.5 grams.

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