Dia-Compe Brake Cables


These are the better of the Japanese MTB brake cables. The Dia-Compe mountain brake cable and housing (casing) has the technology needed to insure responsive, frictionless, no-stretch cable performance. Using a double zinc-coating process, every Dia-Compe brake cable begins with nineteen individually zinc-coated steel strands. These nineteen coated strands are tightly wound to an oversized diameter and redrawn (pulling the cable through a tapered hole which is smaller, to compact and smooth the outer wire) then zinc coated again. The final cable is 1.52mm (6/100ths inch) in diameter. The housing's interior is lined with a slippery plastic teflon-like sleeve, so you don't have to lubricate the cable, yet it slides easily no matter how tight the turn in the housing. The coiled steel housing is covered in thin Black vinyl plastic bringing the finished diameter out to 5mm. Installing these, instead of standard brake cables is probably the cheapest thing you can do to dramatically improve the performance of your bike. The cable set can be used with all mountain brake levers. The front cable is 850mm long and has 500mm of housing with a total weight of 42.5 grams. The rear cable is 1410mm long and has 1210mm of housing with a total weight of 89.5 grams. Both cables have the standard mountain cable 7mm "barrel" shaped lead end and will work with all MTB brake levers. $ Dia-Compe Brs Road Brake Cable and Housing Set

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