Odyssey Brake Booster


The Odyssey plate has the distinction of being the only one sold thatÕs made of Titanium plate. Practically speaking, Titanium isn't perfect for every application. Where aluminum will properly do the job, Titanium will only add weight because it is a higher density metal. The U-4 Plus is made in Russia, and imported to the United States for packaging. The piece is fabricated from plate by cutting on a milling machine. The piece is 2.02mm thick, with a total height of 139.5mm and a total width of 130mm. Twelve graduated holes are cut from the piece with diameters between 10mm and 13mm.

The inner height for tire clearance is 99mm and the inner width between the two arms is 52.2mm The arms have a horizontal placed oval slot milled for the mounting bolt. The hole allows the plate to be used on cantilever studs placed as near as 72mm or as wide as 98mm. The U-4 Plus comes with two machined Titanium bolts. One of the bolts was of very low quality with cut threads on the bolt shank rather than rolled threads. (Rolling the threads is described in the Ti bolts replacement section of the Stems article). The bolts have 6mm by 1mm threads with a 35mm length, a 5mm hex fitting in the head for tightening and a 5 grams weight.

The U-4 Plus comes with two steel flat washers and six small aluminum tubes used as spacers. The final two parts are machined from aluminum rod caps that recess the bolt with a round colorful exterior. The plate of the U-4 Plus weighs 56.5 grams and the mounting hardware weighs 17.5 grams for a total weight of 74 grams. $ Price in Catalog