MRC Brake Booster


The Flex Plate is machined from 6.55mm thick aluminum plate to create a support bracket for U-brake studs, and prevent flex. The piece is milled leaving it full thickness only for a 1.5mm wide strip around the perimeter while the interior of the piece is 4.88mm thick or milled away altogether as part of the six slots cut away to reduce the weight.

The Power Link Flex Plate doesn't come with another set of mounting bolts, so there must be at least 5mm of not-really-needed threads on the bolts you have presently, if you will need to buy longer ones. It will accept U-brake studs positioned 83mm and 95mm apart. This strengthens the entire U-brake area by providing support to the each of the brake contact points, giving a cumulative rigidity to all the brake parts. The Flex Plate weighs just 20.5 grams and is available in Blue, Black, Gold, Lavender, Red or Silver. Made in Colorado, USA.

Color-B-BK-G-L-R-S $ Price in Catalog

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