Gorilla Brake Boosters


R. M. Innovations of Durango, Colorado sells two types of booster plates. The cantilever Gorilla plate is die cut from 3.07mm thick 6061-T6 aluminum plate. The piece has 13 holes die-cut around the arms in graduating diameters from 6.4mm to 14.1mm in size. The plate has a total height of 134mm and a total width of 132mm. The inner height is 93mm with a 53mm opening at the mounting stud area. The cantilever Gorilla comes with two 6mm by 1mm bolts having a 34.5mm length, a 5mm hex fitting and 9 gram weight.

Two aluminum spacing tubes are provided that are 15.9mm long, also included is two aluminum flat washers. Instructions for installation come with the packaging. The canti Gorilla Brake Beefer weighs 47 grams and mounting hardware adds another 22 grams, for a total weight of 69 grams. It is available in Blue, Black, Lavender, Red or Silver.

Gorilla Brake Beefer U-Brake Type

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