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Crystal Design Brake Booster


Booster plates are the sort of bike part that lend themselves to being made of aluminum plate stock by a milling center. As it happens, that's what Crystal Design does best. This is a basic booster made from 4.67mm thick plate with six slots that are 4.75mm wide and 25.87mm (1') long. These are mostly decorative but reduce the booster's weight slightly. The piece has a total height of 114.2mm and a total width of 124.5mm The inner height of the plate is 98mm and it inner width at the mounting point of the arms is 63.75mm The Crystal Booster comes with two 6mm by 1mm steel mounting bolts that are 24.8mm long, have a 4mm hex fitting and weigh 5.5 grams. Also included are two 6.75mm aluminum spacers.

The horizontal slots milled for the mounting bolts will permit it to used with studs spaced from 80mm to 99mm. The plate weighs 47.5 grams and the hardware weighs 13.5 grams for a total weight of 61 grams. The Crystal Booster is the lightest and has a great price for a machined from plate (not die-cut) booster. The Crystal Brake Booster is available anodized in Blue, Black, Lavender, Silver or Turquoise.

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