Brodie Brake Booster


The Brodie Booster is one of the lightest of the cantilever type booster plates. The Brodie plate is made of magnesium that is cast into the Booster shape. The piece is 6.3mm thick and has 5.1mm wide perimeter walls, both inner and outer. Large openings reduce the weight of the already very light-weight piece.

The total height of the piece is 137mm and at its widest is 124.8mm The inner height of the Booster is 108mm and the inner width between the arms at the bottom is 54.4mm The plate comes with two spacers cast of magnesium that are 17.7mm in diameter and 14.4mm high.

Two 6mm by 1mm steel bolts with a 40mm length, 5mm hex fitting and 9.5 gram weight come with the Booster as well as two aluminum flat washers. The spacers and the plate are electrostaticaly painted (powder painted) fusing a fine colored glossy glass powder smoothly over the outer surface.

The plate weighs 47 grams and the mounting hardware weighs 32.5 grams, bringing the total weight to 79.5 grams. The Brodie Brake Booster is available in Blue, Black, Red or Yellow. Made in Canada.

Since 1995, we have these impossible to obtain. It's not that Brodie is out of business, they haven't established an effective distribution system in the US. Without them available, interest has wained and distributors have been more reluctant to get involved with them. Export according to them is impractical.

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