Wilderness Trail Bottom Brackets


WTB also has the Paradigm available in a Titanium spindle model. It uses the same Japanese bearing cups and crank bolts. The spindle spindle is machined from 6 AL 4V Titanium rod to be mechanically the same as the Japanese steel one, but is probably made in the United States.

The Japanese have an absolutely unblemished record of failing to make a Titanium bicycle that succeeds in the world market, so we believe that this spindle to made by Paragon Machine Works for WTB.

The steel version in the 113mm length weighs 159 grams, while the Ti replacement is just 90 1/2 grams. The Ti Paradigm B/B is available in a 113mm or 122mm spindle to fit a 68mm wide shell. The 113 x 68mm B/B weighs 172 grams, the steel bolts add another 29 1/2 grams for a total weight of 201 1/2 grams.

Spindle Length - 13 - 22 / T $Price in Catalog

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