White Industries Bottom Bracket


The White TI bottom bracket is a jewel-like marvel of a replacement B/B. The cups are made of machined aluminum, using precision sealed bearing cartridges for the bearing structure, machined Titanium crank bolts, and a TI 6-4 Titanium spindle. The bearing cups are made from machined aluminum rod, turned and cut on a lathe, drilled from each side for the bearing and spindle, then threaded for the B/B shell. The bearing cartridge is pressed in from the outer side and nestles against an inner lip in each bearing cup. Outside the bearing cartridge is a machined aluminum locking collar, that slides down the spindle and cinches down on the spindle using three recessed allen head bolts.

These 2mm allen bolts are accessible through two small holes on the flat sides of the outer flange on each bearing cup. This locking collar fits in the bearing cup flush with the outer surface of each cup. This accessibility permits you to simply and easily "float" the spindle to the position needed for your crankset. The bearing cartridges used in this B/B are Japanese SMT bearings model 6903RK. The Phantom is available in English thread, with spindle lengths of 108mm, 110mm, 112mm (XTR), 112mm (XT), 113mm, 114mm, 115mm (XTR), 115mm (XT), 117mm, 119mm, 122mm, 125mm, 128mm, 132mm, or 135mm. The White TI comes with the needed 2mm allen wrench, and has Silver anodized bearing cups and locking collars to match the Silver colored Titanium spindle. Crank bolts are not included. The weight of the White Titanium bottom bracket with a 122mm spindle is 165 grams. Made in California.

Spindle Length-08-10-12-13-14-15-17-19-22-25-28-32-35/T $Price in Catalog
White replacement cup $Price in Catalog
White replacement #6903 bearing $Price in Catalog

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