White Industries Bottom Bracket


White also makes a Cro-moly spindle version of their B/B. The Cro-mo model uses the same bearings, bearing cups and locking collars as the Titanium model, but it doesn't come with crank bolts or anti-seize compound. The Cro-moly spindle is well machined from Cro-moly steel rod to a 17mm smooth outer diameter.

The spindle is drilled through to reduce weight then the ends are tapped for the crank bolts. Crank bolts are not included. The bearing cups for this B/B are anodized Silver.

The White Cro-mo is available in English thread, with spindle lengths of 110mm, 112mm (XTR), 112 (XT), 114mm, 117mm, 119mm, 122mm, 125mm, 128mm, 132mm, or 135mm. The weight of the White Cro-mo bottom bracket with a 122mm spindle, (with no crank bolts), is 238 grams. USA

Spindle Length-10-12-14-17-19-22-25-28-32-35 $Price in Catalog

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