Syncros Bottom Brackets


The Hardcore is very similar to the Pro Series in construction and technique. It uses the same spindle with a water sleeve between two pressed on bearings. The bearing cups are machined from aluminum alloy rod and house the bearings in the same manner. The cups have O-rings at the spindle exits and use the same lockrings.

The cups have an anodized Grey/Silver appearance. They are slightly longer, at 18.43mm, than the 16mm wide Pro Series cups in order to house bearings that are slightly wider than those used in the Pro Series. The Pro Series uses a 7mm wide cartridge bearing that houses a single set of ball bearings within a tiny plastic retainer between an inner and outer steel tube that serve as races.

The Hardcore uses 10mm wide cartridge bearings that enclose two sets of ball bearings, each in their own plastic retainer. The two retainers are sealed side by side, and the same wider inner and outer tubing races. The added bearings and their contact surfaces displace the load over a greater area on the spindle. The wider bearing is also intended to minimize flex in the hollow Titanium spindle. The bearing is made by INA and the seal is marked 61903RS and the inner race bears the marking 3903 2RS C3. The water sleeve for the Hardcore is made of White plastic.

It comes with English threads, with spindle lengths of 107mm, 109mm, 113mm, 117.5mm, 122.5mm, 127mm, or 131mm. The weight of 127.5mm Syncros Hardcore B/B spindle is 190.5 grams. Crank bolts are not included.

Spindle Length-07-09-13-17-22-27-31 /T You need to call for price

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