Sampson Bottom Bracket


The Stratics is fixed spindle with dual adjustable fixed cups design. The Stratics model singular difference from the Colorado is its spindle. The Titanium spindle for this B/B has an oversized 21mm diameter middle section with four milled flutes along this oversized center. The spindle ends are bored to a 24mm depth and tapped 8mm x 1mm threads for the crank bolts. The spindle after machining is given a special exterior hardness treatment that elevates the spindle's resistance to flex and shearing. This treatment leaves the exterior of the spindle a Gold color. The bearing Sampson has chosen is the 6903RS size bearing that is so popular for B/B's. The cups found in the Colorado down to the high polish are again used her in the Startics. We found the Park SPA-1 Green spanner worked well for tightening them.

With the spindle in place and each bearing cup tightened in place, the Sampson B/B uses two machined from aluminum rod lockrings which cinch down to the installed cup and hold it rigidly in place. The lockrings have six square notches cut in the perimeter for a lockring wrench or ring spanner (Park SPA-3) to turn it into final position. With the cups and lockrings now cinched into position Sampson includes two O-rings to be rolled externally down the spindle, which situate into a crevice between the cup and the spindle, to seal out contaminants. The Stratics is available for a 68mm wide B/B shell in 103mm, 108mm, 112mm, 116mm, 122.5mm, or 126mm. It's also made for a 73mm wide shell in 108mm, 113mm, 122.5mm and 126mm. The 112mm set weighs 170 grams, while the 126mm set weighs 184 grams.

68mm shell Spindle length-03-08-12-16-22-26 $Price in Catalog
73mm shell Spindle length-08-13-22-26 / W $Price in Catalog

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