Race Face Bottom Bracket


The Race Face Real Seal is made in Canada using Japanese sealed cartridge bearings. It is fixed length spindle with two adjustable cups design. Unlike many of the B/B's we've reviewed lately, this one has a hollow steel spindle that has a nickel plated finish. The ends have 2 degree tapers for use with aluminum crank arms from all makers, and the crank bolt threads are the standard 8mm x 1mm pitch so any bolts can be used with it.

The Real Seal doesn't come with crank arm bolts. The WTW 6903RS bearings are machine pressed onto the spindle seating against a machine cut shoulder. The bearing cups are machined from aluminum rod with a tight fitting bearing cavity. A channel is cut around the spindle exit hole that holds a rubber O-ring to seal contaminants out. The interior of the inner end of each cup is cut to tightly fit a thin aluminum tube used as both a reinforcing sleeve between the two cups and water sleeve so moisture through the seat tube doesn't migrate to the bearings.

Once the spindle, bearings and cups have been installed lockrings machined from 3.3mm thick plate are used to cinch the cups in place. the outer face of each cup is cup is bored with 6 equidistant 3mm diameter holes for a Park SPA2 pin spanner to grip for tightening. Each lockring has five square notches cut in its perimeter for a spanner grip. All the aluminum parts are Black anodized, except the non-drive (left) lockring which is Gold for easy identification.

The Real Seal is available in 4 spindle lengths to fit English threaded shells only, 107mm (213.5 g.), 110mm (217 g.), 113mm, or 120mm. The same B/B will work in a 68mm or 73mm wide shells. The 113mm model weighs 220 1/2 grams.

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