Grafton Bottom Bracket


The Grafton B/B is a well crafted dual adjustable fixed spindle B/B type with extra contamination seals and a Titanium spindle. The spindle is machined from Titanium rod, with tapered ends so the arms slide on easily. Turned on a lathe, the spindle has a smooth 17mm diameter where the bearing sits on it, and a raised shoulder for it to rest against as the cup is tightened. The spindle is drilled through to reduce excess weight and tapped for the crank bolts. The bearing cups are flawlessly machined from aluminum rod. The inside of the cup is drilled to accommodate the bearing cartridge and spindle. The outside face of the cup is given a polished, convex surface with six equally spaced holes for pin spanner use in making the final cup adjustments. There are three aluminum pieces to the lockring, which are sandwiched together. The outer aluminum piece is threaded with six equally spaced cuts for the lockring spanner. Behind this is a thin, non-threaded aluminum ring, with another thicker, non-threaded aluminum ring.

Each of these pieces create greater hold and lack of movement, as the lockring is tightened. The aluminum lockring pieces are anodized in Blue, Black, Lavender, or Silver. The bearing cups are color anodized to match the lockrings. The Grafton B/B comes with a light weight clear plastic water sleeve that fits internally between the two bearing cups to reduce condensation in the frame from penetrating the bearings. The bearing cups have two recesses milled into them for O-ring seals. One is placed where the spindle exits the cup, the other where the water sleeve fits into each bearing cup. The bearings used are Japanese IJK, model 6903RS. The Grafton B/B is available with a 113mm, 118mm, 122.5mm, 125mm, 128mm, or 132mm length spindle, in English thread only. The weight of the Grafton Titanium Speed Case with a 125mm spindle is 175 grams. Crank bolts are not included.

Spindle Length-13-18-22-25-28-32/Color-B-BK-L-S $Price in Catalog

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