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The Epic F Series employs an inner shell with fixed cups and fixed spindle, as a variation of the standard B/B design. The F Series B/B uses the same spindle and bearing as the B series but has an aluminum over the spindle between the bearings giving it the appearance of the Gt or World Class style with a very important difference.

The GT/World Class B/B's have the their bearings pressed so tight against the inner aluminum tube that when a bearing fails there is no way to wedge the bearing off without destroying some other part of the B/B. (One of the people who set up our Internet server threw his World Class away after trying to remove to replace a failed bearing.)

The Epic F Series inner tube is not press tightly between the bearings. The joint between the bearing and the tube is completely covered by each cup sealing the system properly. With the cup off, the tube can be nudged to one side exposing one of the inner sides of the bearing and then moved again to expose another surface. This movement permits the spindle to be rapped while the rests on an anvil.

The drive side cup is machined from aluminum rod and is a fixed cup with a flange that seats against the B/B shell when tight. The non-drive cup is identical to those used in the Epic B Series B/B but threads into the shell with no lockring to cinch it in place. Both cups are installed using the Park BBT2. Epic includes a pair of their machined aluminum crank bolts.

The F Series is available in 107.5mm, 110mm, or 112mm. The 107.5mm size weighs 167 grams, the bolts add another 9.5 grams for a total system weight of 176.5 grams.

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